Hailong eBike Batteries

This battery in HL-case is a bike-frame battery, which can be assembled as a 36V (10S) battery as well as a 48V (13S) battery. We offer the Hailong batteries in two sizes marked 1 (small) and 2 (large).

In the Hailong 1 there is space for up to 40 Li-ion battery cells (format 18650). The maximal configuration is 10S4P for the 36V variation, and 13S3P for the 48V.

The Hailong 2 can hold up to 65 cells. The maximal configuration is 10S6P for the 36V variation, and 13S5P for the 48V.

The Hailong 2 is also equipped with a ON/OFF switch. The batteries are supplied with a holder, which enables you to fix it to the bike’s frame.

Charging of the batteries is enabled using a charger with XLR 3 Pins plug.


Assembly Options (e.g.) - Hailong 1

VoltageConfiguration (Max.)ModelBattery CellCapacity


10S4PHL36V13.8Samsung INR18650-35E13.80 Ah
HL36V12.8Samsung INR18650-32E12.80 Ah
HL36V11.4Samsung INR18650-29E11.40 Ah
HL36V10.4Samsung INR18650-26J10.40 Ah
48V13S3P HL48V10.35Samsung INR18650-35E 10.35 Ah
 HL48V9.6Samsung INR18650-29E  9.60 Ah
 HL48V8.55Samsung INR18650-26J  8.55 Ah

Assembly Options (e.g.) - Hailong 2

VoltageConfiguration (Max.)ModelBattery CellCapacity
36V10S6PHL36V21AhSamsung INR18650-35E20.7Ah
HL36V20AhSamsung INR18650-32E19.2Ah
HL36V17AhSamsung INR18650-29E17.1Ah
HL36V15AhSamsung INR18650-26J15.6Ah
48V13S5P HL48V17AhSamsung INR18650-35E 17.25Ah
 HL48V16AhSamsung INR18650-32E 16Ah
 HL48V14AhSamsung INR18650-29E  14.25Ah
 HL48V13AhSamsung INR18650-26J  13Ah