General Information

A Softpack battery is built from multiple li-ion battery cells, which are assembled in a serial (total voltage increases) and parallel (total capacity increases).

A Softpack battery equipped with a BMS (Battery Management System), which together with the battery control has also a protection mechanism against deep discharge, overcharge, and over-discharge. 

The electric built of the battery pack is illustrated in this way:

X (# of cells) S (in serial); Y (# of cells) P (in parallel)

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Our Specialties

  • Our Softpacks are assembled in a battery cases made of synthetic material, which not only stabilize the block, but also increase its lifespan. Li-ion cells warms up during the charging and discharging process; the protection cases maintain space between the cells, so the warmth spreads on the surface.
  • Connections are welded with nickel-based alloys (more than 95% nickel) and not with iron-based alloys. This alloy has a better high-temperature resistance, is robuster and has a lower internal resistance.
  • Use of FR4-isolation: these flame-resistent and  flame-retarding composite materials consist of epoxy resin and fiberglass reduce the danger of short circuits and combustion of  textiles (carrying bags etc.)
  • Separate charging and discharging cables enable a flexible use of the battery. The charging cable has a standard DC round plug (5.5mm / 2.5mm). The discharging cable with a 30A protection has an XT-90 high-current connector.
  • A charging indicator to show the state of charge, which is attached to the battery (optional).
  • The Roswheel bags, which we offer as a supplement to the softpack batteries (see the photo gallery below), are the perfect solution for attaching the softpack to the bike frame.