Battery Blocks

General Information

A battery block consists of multiple li-ion battery-cells, which are assembled in serial (the total voltage increases) and in parallel (the total capacity increases).

Battery blocks have no protection mechanism against deep discharge and/or overcharge, and can be used as building/assembling components.

The structure of the battery blocks is illustrated in this way:

X (number of cells) in S (serial connection), Y (number of cells) in P (parallel connection)

e.g. 10S3P, 10S5P etc.

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Our Specialties

  • Our battery blocks are assembled in a battery cases made of synthetic material, which not only stabilize the block, but also increase its lifespan. Li-ion cells warms up during the charging and discharging process; the protection cases maintain space between the cells, so the warmth spreads on the surface.
  • Connections are welded with nickel-based alloys (more than 95% nickel) and not with iron-based alloys. This alloy has a better high-temperature resistance, is robuster and has a lower internal resistance.
  • Use of FR4-isolation: these flame-resistent and  flame-retarding composite materials consist of epoxy resin and fiberglass reduce the danger of short circuits and combustion of  textiles (carrying bags etc.)