Frame batteries for more powerful engine performance

ENERdan GmbH offers under this product category and under the brand ENERpower a number of e-bike batteries that can be mounted on the frame of the bicycle.

In this category, we implement a Smart BMS (Battery Management System) that can support continuous currents from 30A to 40A. In doing so, we have to do without a certain capacity (parallel circuits) in order to install this BMS. A Smart BMS is characterized by its accuracy. Various parameters can be programmed ex-works and set digitally. We consciously do not transfer data via Bluetooth and do not use this option in our batteries.

We manufacture our batteries in configurations 10S (36V) and 13S (48V) In this version 2 models of housings (Jaffa and Nazareth) used with different battery cells

These series of batteries fit the following motor ratings:

  • 36V: up to 1100 watts
  • 48V: up to1500 watts

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