ENERpower Hailong PLUS

This battery in the housing Hailong PLUS, which we manufacture in our production center in Berlin, can be mounted on the frame of the bicycle or on the luggage carrier. The batteries are manufactured in cell holders made of plastic. Battery charging is done with a 5.5 mm / 2.5 mm DC round plug, discharging via the holder (detachable from the battery) with XT90, XT60, or Anderson connector. This case can hold up to 65 18650 battery cells.

The holder of the battery is identical to the holder of the type Hailong PRO (housing with space for 52 battery cells). So you can use the holder for the 2 different cases.


Assembly Options (e.g.)

VoltageConfiguration (max.)ModelBattery CellCapacityPower
36V10S6P (Max.)
HLPLUS36V17.10Samsung INR18650-29E17.10Ahapprox. 620Wh
Samsung INR18650-35E20.70Ahapprox. 750Wh
HLPLUS36V21Panasonic (Sanyo) NCR18650GA21Ahapprox. 760Wh
48V13S5P (Max.)
HLPLUS48V14.25Samsung INR18650-29E14.25Ahapprox. 685Wh
HLPLUS48V17.25Samsung INR18650-35E17.25Ahapprox. 830Wh
HLPLUS48V17.5Panasonic (Sanyo) NCR18650GA17.50Ahapprox. 845Wh

All Hailongs at a Glance

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