ENERpower Jerusalem 7B

This battery in the Jerusalem 7B case is a frame battery that can be manufactured as a 36V (10S) as well as a 48V (13S) battery. The housing has space for 70 Li-Ion 18650 cells. The maximum occupancy is 10S7P for 36V and 13S5P for 48V. The battery cells are welded together with special nickel devices in the cell holder.

This battery housing has a side-release
The housing is approx. 526 mm long, 78 mm wide and 104 mm high.

The battery is charged with a charger with DC circular connector.

This battery also has a charge level indicator.

ENERpower Jerusalem

Assembly Options (e.g.)

Battery CellCapacityPower
36V10S7P (Max.)Samsung INR18650-29E19.95Ahapprox. 720Wh
Samsung INR18650-35E23.80Ahapprox. 860Wh
Panasonic (Sanyo) NCR18650GA24.50Ahapprox. 885Wh
48V13S5P (Max.)Samsung INR18650-29E14.20Ahapprox. 680Wh
Samsung INR18650-35E17.20Ahapprox. 825Wh
Panasonic (Sanyo) NCR18650GA17.50Ahapprox. 840Wh