Gath eBike Batteries

This battery in the Gath luggage carrier (AKA bike-rack) housing, which we manufacture, comes with a rack to be mounted on the luggage carrier. The batteries are manufactured in cell holders made of plastic. Charging is done with a DC round plug (5.5 mm / 2.5 mm), the discharge is done via the holder (separable from the battery) with XT90 connector. This case can accommodate up to 60 battery cells 18650.

With a BMS that can withstand between 20A-22A continuous load, this battery is suitable for motors with up to 750 watts of power that work in 36V (37V) systems.

On/off switch is also on the battery, and in this housing is a charge level indicator.

The rear light is operated with a mounted on/off switch

Gath eBike Batteries

General Information

  • High-quality manufacturing - Made in Germany
  • Manufacture Just-In-Time
  • BMS with an integrated passive balancer
  • BMS with protection against overcharging, deep discharge, over-discharge (temperature monitoring)
  • Manufactured with battery cells from Samsung SDI, LG Chem or Panasonic (Sanyo) - subject to availability.
  • Directly from the manufacturer
  • Rechargeable - After 500 charging cycles, still maintains approx. 80 of the original capacity
  • No memory effect - charge the battery whenever you want
  • Environment friendly according to EU-Guidelines 2002/95/EG (RoHS)