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Batteries for E-Boat Motors

Batteries for electric boats

The fast-growing market of clean e-boats now demands high-performance and reliable batteries. As a leading European battery manufacturer, ENERpower offers a range of batteries for electric motors. We manufacture our batteries in Berlin. They are produced in waterproof suitcases (IP54 certified) with a Smart BMS.

We offer the batteries in different variations, which differ according to configuration, voltage and energy, etc. For more information, please refer to the product specifications below.

Main Features

  • Charging indicator: Our batteries are equipped with a charge level indicator (LC display) and the indication is from 0% (empty) to 100% (full).
  • Waterproof: We use an IP67 plastic case and IP67 connectors for this battery system. We have classified this battery system as IP54 because we cannot comply with the IP67 due to the holes for the connectors.
  • On/Off Switch: The batteries can be easily switched on and off via a switch.
  • BMS (Battery Management System): This range of batteries is manufactured with a Smart BMS with 30A continuous load (for 24V motors up to 720 watts). A Smart BMS is digitally programmed and controlled compared to an analog BMS. The monitoring of voltage (overcharge and deep discharge), current (overdischarge) and temperature are more accurate. The passive balancer can also be controlled better.
  • Application: We have developed this range of batteries for light electric vehicles such as Electric rickshaw, electric load wheels, electric boats, industrial machinery, etc.

Our Range

Batteries Li-Ion


12V39Ah / 65Ah / 90Ah / 150Ah880W80A
24V54Ah / 75Ah / 90Ah1500W60A
36V42Ah / 70Ah2160W60A
48V*-2880W60AProduct still in development.
No product specifications available