Generic Batteries: new batteries for your devices

Under this product category we offer a solution for customers, who are looking for new and/or longer-living batteries for their devices. The batteries are compatible with different products, e.g. bike lamps, torchlight, headlamps etc.

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We offer the following batteries:

For Petzl Nao

This ENERpower battery is 100% compatible with the original battery from Petzl.
The battery assembled with a 3-pins-connector and with NTC 100Ohm for a full compatibility.

  • With Panasonic NCR18650B (3400mAh)
  • With Panasonic NCR18650GA (3500mAh)

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For Scurion

ENERpower battery in format 2S2P (7.2V-7.4V) for Scurion torchlight (battery case)

Main attributes
  • Assembled in format 2S2P with displacement of ca. 3 mm
  • With JST-plug

For other manufacturers
  • Lupine, MyTinySun
  • Magicshine, Sigma, Hope Vision
  • Led Lenser M7R / X7R / M7RX

Extensive information follows soon.