ENERpower Everwarm

The heat is on


It's really cold outside. But your customers have ordered freshly cooked and warm food, and they will get it from you too. With Everwarm, ENERpower's new battery-powered modular warming system, food stays warm until it's delivered to the customer, even in harsh weather conditions. With a feather-light heating element and a compact yet powerful Li-Ion battery, ENERpower Everwarm keeps your food warm and your customers happy!


Lightweight heating element keeps food warm, even in harsh weather conditions.


Compact design allows the heating system to be flexibly placed in a bag or box.

Long Runtime

A powerful and high-capacity li-ion rechargeable battery keeps the heat running.

Charger Included

A high quality compatible li-ion battery charger is included in the set.
ENERpower Everwarm – The heat is on

The food is ready!

Pablo is a bike courier. He supplies his customers with hot dishes. He gets the freshly cooked food from the restaurant, puts it in a carrier bag or delivery box and drives off. Since the food should stay warm for the customers, he can only serve one customer per trip. In winter, he also has to insulate the warm food in his carrier bag well. It often takes him a little longer to get to the customer, sometimes it's so cold outside that the insulated carrier bag can hardly keep the heat and the customers only receive the food they have ordered lukewarm.
We at ENERdan have developed a battery-powered, heatable and modular system for Pablo and his colleagues. With our high-quality and easy-to-use heating system, various delivery and carrying bags can keep the food warm through the use of a heating element (up to 60°). The heating element and the battery can be flexibly placed in a bag or box. We offer different power levels of rechargeable batteries (Li-Ion 11.1V) for your individual requirements.