Batteries for eBikes and Pedelecs
The batteries that get you going!

In our eBike batteries we use only Li-Ion cells of well-known manufacturers such as Samsung SDI, Panasonic (Sanyo), LG Chem and Sony (Murata). With high-quality construction components, we ensure high performance, lighter weight and low internal resistance. Batteries that are used in so-called ELVs (Electric Light Vehicles) must meet demanding conditions. The batteries are usually shaken and jolted while driving, they often have to perform in a variety of weather conditions and are mounted and dismounted. Therefore, the quality of production plays a special role for longevity, but also for safety.

In addition to manufacturing with high-quality battery cells, we use high-quality battery management systems (BMS), which we sometimes design ourselves. We use pure nickel and copper as welding material. These provide low resistance and high efficiency of power.

We always manufacture the batteries in cell holders made of plastic, which in addition to the better fastening, also ensure a cavity between the battery cells. This allows the batteries to better direct the developed heat to the surface, because the accumulation of heat reduces the life of battery cells significantly.

With our wide range of Li-Ion batteries in the formats 24V (7S), 36V (10S), 48V (13S) and 52V (14S) we can power electric motors from 250 watts to 2000 watts. Our batteries come either in cases, or are offered as softpacks (made in PVC shrink tubing).

Below we present you our wide assortment:

eBike Batteries | Softpacks & DIY | BMS (Battery Management System)

General Information

  • High Quality - Made in Germany
  • Assembling with high quality Li-Ion cells 18650, predominantly with Samsung SDI
  • BMS with an integrated Balancer
  • BMS with protection against overcharge, over-discharge (temperature monitoring) switch-off button to save energy
  • Almost 20% lighter than bateries with Li-Pol cells
  • Rechargeable – even after 300 charging cycles 80% of the original capacity is still available.
  • No memory-effect – charge the battery whenever you want
  • Environment friendly according to EU-Guidelines 2002/95/EG (RoHS)