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So you want to convert your bicycle to e-bike. Thant's great! We are here to equip you with all the necessary components and know-how to get the job well done. Let us begin:

First the motor

We offer a range of high-quality engines from well-known manufacturers, such as Tongsheng and Bafang. The motors, along with all the necessary components and tools, such as wrenches, screws, cables, crank arms, etc., are supplied in a conversion kit and, of course, with comprehensive manuals and installation instructions.

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No battery no power

We offer a wide range of our own Made in Germany Li-Ion rechargeable batteries (24V, 36V, 48V & 52V). The batteries are assembled in our production center in Berlin, using battery cells of the highest quality of e.g. Samsung SDI, Panasonic, Sony (Murata), LG Chem and others, and are equipped with our own BMS (Battery Management System). We offer batteries in different cases that can be attached to different parts of the bike, e.g. the frame, the seatpost, the luggage rack, etc.

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Keep yourself informed

A display for your eBike is not a must, but makes a big difference and improves and optimizes your driving experience. We offer a range of displays that fit not only to our engines but also to other manufacturers' engines. The displays are easy to assemble and disassemble, and provide you with all the information you need about your ride: speed, distance covered, remaining battery capacity, and much more.

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We have the Power!

To complete the package, you need a reliable charger. Remember: With the right charger, you can extend the lifespan of your battery! If you save on the charger, you will ultimately pay more for your batteries. We offer various chargers of well-known manufacturers, such as Modiary and Fuyuang, which match our entire range of rechargeable batteries, as well as rechargeable batteries from other manufacturers.

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Our Adventages


With complete solutions for converting bicycles to e-bikes, ENERpowerhas become a leading European supplier. In addition to motors and displays of well-known brands, we offer you our high quality Made in Germany batteries as well as suitable chargers.


Complete Solution

Everything you need to remodel your bike: motor kit, display battery & charger

Highest Quality

High-quality components from well-known manufacturers and brands

Info and more

In addition to extensive manuals and unstallation instructions, we will gladly advise you on the conversion